What's So Good About Kajabi?


Why do I love Kajabi sooo much?
… especially during these uniquely uncertain times.

Let me just go through a few things with you so you can understand why I get so excited about Kajabi and how I can host my business there.

Build your local or global business with Kajabi, and you can have it all online.

You can organise your emails, so you can control who you're communicating with, when you're communicating with them, automated if you want. It's just so easy to use, and lots of templates as well by the way. You can make a nice simple plain text email, or you can have it as fancy or feature-filled as you like, include hyperlinks, images, links to videos - your choice.

Coaching - Kajabi just changed the game!

One central place where you can easily schedule sessions with clients, share resources, set agendas, take notes, and track client progress. Kajabi’s new coaching experience delivers all the tools and resources you’ll need to put your coaching program on...

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a Mentor's Mindset is Motivational Magic!

What is a Mentor's Mindset?

It's a big idea, a way of thinking, and put simply, it's a choice, a CHOICE to habitually seek out Mentors and learn from them lessons that will 'help you rather than hinder you' in meeting the vision you have for yourself.

A Mentor is someone who has walked the path you wish to walk, succeeded where you wish to succeed, and grown as you wish to grow.

A Mentor leads by example, inspiring you to want to learn from them.

Their Habits greatly influence their successes in life... and you may even wish adopt some of them for yourself. 

A Mentor may even have books, videos, audio programs etc for you to learn from at your leisure - these are fabulous sources of Motivational Magic :)

A Mentor may not realise they ARE a Mentor to you... they're just living their best life. They'd be thrilled, yet possibly surprised, to know they're a positive influence on you.

A Mentor can hold many stations in your life, eg;
- sibling or other relative
- work colleague or superior

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Hangout with Your Happiness Heroes

Who will support you when you need it most?

Focus on sharing quality time with your
 Happiness Heroes 
They're those special people who inspire you to;

  • "Go for it!"
  • Push yourself that extra step
  • Believe YOU CAN do it!
  • Celebrate your successes with pride
  • Lift yourself up out of a funk
  • Apply for your dream job
  • Look in the mirror & Love who you see
  • Have the strength to say "no"
  • Have the faith to say "yes"
  • Breathe, exhale & relax
  • Ask yourself the tough questions
  • Reach for the future you envision for yourself
  • and so much more...

When you focus on sharing quality time with your Happiness Heroes, your Happiness increases - when you're happier, you are more focused, more appreciative of your progress, and much more likely to reach your goals

With sooo many 'things' going on in your life, it's easy to become distracted and loosen your grip on your Dream. You can even be bombarded with Happiness Hijackers & Vision Vampires - they Do exist - it's how you handle them that...

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5 Ways To Worry Less

5 Fast & Proven Ways to Help You Stop Worrying

You know you should stop worrying so much, but you can't seem to do so. In a lot of cases, you worry about things that are outside of your control. This simply makes the situation worse, which leads to stress and anxiety, giving you more reasons to worry… It’s a “Negative Domino Effect” If you would like to avoid the many health dangers that excessive worry can lead to, practice the following 5 worry-free techniques.

1a – Keep a Worry Journal
Start recording everything you worry about. Also track whether your worrying had any impact on the problem. What you will find is that worry, in and of itself, produces no positive results. You may also find that much of your day is spent worrying, and this revelation should be enough to tell you that you are wasting your time fretting over things that you should not be concerned about - once this happens, forget your Worry Journal, and focus on 1b instead...


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7 Benefits of Gratitude

7 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Every Day

Science has proven that being grateful leads to a higher quality of life. People who express gratitude regularly live longer, are healthier, and also have a lower incidence rate of obesity, stress, anxiety and chronic disease. The following 7 benefits are just a few of the many rewards of practicing gratitude every day.

1 – Healthy Relationships
Being grateful every day means telling the important people in your life that they matter. This improves your relationships on a daily basis… especially with Your One.

 2 – Expressing Gratitude Helps You to #BeHappier
Several studies show that keeping a gratitude journal daily can increase your long-term well-being. One study shows that simply writing down the things you are grateful for every day can increase your health and well-being by more than 10%. How wonderful :)

 3 – Stress Relief
Worrying about what you don't have is very stressful. When...

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3 Ways to Write the Script of Your L.I.F.E

Positivity can encourage us, reduce our stress, Lift The Love in our relationships, make us more productive, and increase our overall happiness. Positivity has many benefits across our lives in terms of our health, relationships, and careers.

But, how do you become more positive? Is it really that simple?
Yes, it certainly CAN be simple… as simple as putting pen to paper.
I hear you asking, “In this digital era of electronic devices, why pen to paper?

When you physically WRITE something positive down, you are Creating Priceless Positive Sensory Memories. Think of the Shopping List you have stuck to the fridge, or sitting on a bench in the kitchen… you jot items down on the List as you think of them;

  • You’ve run out of milk
  • The paper napkins need replenishing
  • Your favourite salad dressing is almost empty
  • The last jar of Vegemite (for Aussies anyway) in the pantry has been opened… and you just HAVE to have a backup supply - right!
  • It’s...
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Humour, Laughter And Play For Health

The idea that you can use humour, laughter, and play to promote your health probably seems too simple to be true. However, it really is true and that simple.

A sense of humour, laughter and play all have a part in keeping us healthy. There are benefits to increasing these joyful practices into your life that will affect you mentally, physically and socially.

Humour And Laughter

The sound of laughter is infectious. Have you ever heard the giggles of a young child and been able to resist smiling in return? The sound of a roaring belly laugh is far more contagious than a sniffle, sneeze, or cough.

When laughter is shared between people, it binds them together and increases happiness and intimacy. Laughter is beneficial physically, mentally and socially, and helps Create Priceless Positive Sensory Memories

Some of the physical benefits include:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Lowering levels of stress hormones
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Relaxing your muscles 
  • Decreasing pain

Some of the mental...

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