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3 Ways to Write the Script of Your L.I.F.E


Positivity can encourage us, reduce our stress, Lift The Love in our relationships, make us more productive, and increase our overall happiness. Positivity has many benefits across our lives in terms of our health, relationships, and careers.

But, how do you become more positive? Is it really that simple?
Yes, it certainly CAN be simple… as simple as putting pen to paper.
I hear you asking, “In this digital era of electronic devices, why pen to paper?

When you physically WRITE something positive down, you are Creating Priceless Positive Sensory Memories. Think of the Shopping List you have stuck to the fridge, or sitting on a bench in the kitchen… you jot items down on the List as you think of them;

  • You’ve run out of milk
  • The paper napkins need replenishing
  • Your favourite salad dressing is almost empty
  • The last jar of Vegemite (for Aussies anyway) in the pantry has been opened… and you just HAVE to have a backup supply - right :)
  • It’s...
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