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About Vicki

Vicki Hadfield understands that
women often have limited time for exercising
and preparing healthy, appetising meals
to help them & their family reach their health, fitness and body-image goals,
and to build a brand their locals & fans will know & love.

Sadly, all too often, one of the greatest sacrifices they make is the
deep connection they once felt with Their One...
...Long story short, this is why Vicki created the 
Supportive Spouses Program
with her #HeroHubby Richard.

In today's culture of the "SuperWoman" who does it all &
often puts everyone else first,
true & automatic happiness is all too rare.

WOW! That's a lot on the plate of Today's Woman!

Let's change it up. Let's Make Happy Your Default Setting. You deserve it!

Vicki's passion is to guide women & couples with
simple sustainable strategies to;
- Eat Lighter (nutrition)
- Feel Tighter (exercise)
- Make Happy Their Default Setting
(mindset, mood-moulding, minute management & motivation)
in relationships, business and in life.

Vicki developed a
Quit Smoking Program beginning with an eBook;
"I Broke The Chain - How I Quit Smoking"
written for the Healthy Life Habit by an ex-smoker.
~~~> available here soon... for FREE!