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Hangout with Your Happiness Heroes

Who will support you when you need it most?

Focus on sharing quality time with your
 Happiness Heroes 
They're those special people who inspire you to;

  • "Go for it!"
  • Push yourself that extra step
  • Believe YOU CAN do it!
  • Celebrate your successes with pride
  • Lift yourself up out of a funk
  • Apply for your dream job
  • Look in the mirror & Love who you see
  • Have the strength to say "no"
  • Have the faith to say "yes"
  • Breathe, exhale & relax
  • Ask yourself the tough questions
  • Reach for the future you envision for yourself
  • and so much more...

When you focus on sharing quality time with your Happiness Heroes, your Happiness increases - when you're happier, you are more focused, more appreciative of your progress, and much more likely to reach your goals 😊

With sooo many 'things' going on in your life, it's easy to become distracted and loosen your grip on your Dream. You can even be bombarded with Happiness Hijackers & Vision Vampires - they Do exist - it's how you handle them that counts!
Rather than focusing your energies on folks who 'don't understand' what inspires you, seek out your Happiness Heroes & Butterfly Buddies - your cheerleaders, supporters & true friends, for they are the people who will help you achieve your Dream AND cheer the loudest when you do 💜

If you let go of your dream, you're letting go of a future designed by you, and settling to merely survive rather than thrive - that's the opposite of Living Inspired!

"Happiness is a...
...when You're Living Inspired"
~ Vicki Hadfield, The Happiness Ambassador

Make it a Habit to Hangout with Your Happiness Heroes,
they will support you when you need it most 💜

Thank you for reading,

Hugs, Health & Happiness,

Vicki ❀

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