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a Mentor's Mindset is Motivational Magic!

What is a Mentor's Mindset?

It's a big idea, a way of thinking, and put simply, it's a choice, a CHOICE to habitually seek out Mentors and learn from them lessons that will 'help you rather than hinder you' in meeting the vision you have for yourself.

A Mentor is someone who has walked the path you wish to walk, succeeded where you wish to succeed, and grown as you wish to grow.

A Mentor leads by example, inspiring you to want to learn from them.

Their Habits greatly influence their successes in life... and you may even wish adopt some of them for yourself. 

A Mentor may even have books, videos, audio programs etc for you to learn from at your leisure - these are fabulous sources of Motivational Magic :)

A Mentor may not realise they ARE a Mentor to you... they're just living their best life. They'd be thrilled, yet possibly surprised, to know they're a positive influence on you.

A Mentor can hold many stations in your life, eg;
- sibling or other relative
- work colleague or superior
- industry leader
- champion in a sport
- spiritual advisor
- friend
- someone more experienced than you
- luminary or thought leader
- etc...

Adopting a Mentor's Mindset results in you becoming highly in tune to notice learning opportunities as they arise - like when you're considering buying a new car eg BMW, you begin to notice BMWs EVERYWHERE!!

Implementing what you learn from YOUR Mentor's will have a bonus 'pay it forward' effect...as you become more happy with your 'lot' & are successful in your field, YOU too will become a Mentor - whether or not you realise it.

For example:- As a new Mum seeks Mentoring from her Mum & other Mothers...as time passes, the once 'new' Mum becomes the Mentor - to newer Mums and especially to her child, and on it goes.....

Part of having a Mentor's Mindset is the responsibility that comes with it - Live your best life and be your best self... you never know who's watching :)

Mentors are generally Happiness Heroes too - that's part of their attraction - they're confident in themselves, not insecure, and they'll cheer you on.

Give your Mentors a Shoutout in the comments or tell them privately - they'll be tickled :)

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Hugs, Health & Happiness,

Vicki 🌸