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What's So Good About Kajabi?


Why do I love Kajabi sooo much?
… especially during these uniquely uncertain times.

Let me just go through a few things with you so you can understand why I get so excited about Kajabi and how I can host my business there.

Build your local or global business with Kajabi, and you can have it all online.

You can organise your emails, so you can control who you're communicating with, when you're communicating with them, automated if you want. It's just so easy to use, and lots of templates as well by the way. You can make a nice simple plain text email, or you can have it as fancy or feature-filled as you like, include hyperlinks, images, links to videos - your choice.

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I'm sure you will love Kajabi™️ as much as I do, and you can enjoy your own #LaptopLifestyle and experience a #KajabiLife

Discover a bunch more features below;

- One central place where you can easily schedule sessions with clients, share resources, set agendas, take notes, and track client progress. Kajabi’s new coaching experience delivers all the tools and resources you’ll need to put your coaching program on the right track for growth - I am loving it :)  

If you have knowledge to share with the world then Kajabi is a great platform to do that. You can do anything from a simple blog post (like this one), mini course, masterclass, audio training, to selling physical products online (via integrations) to complement your message.

Check out my Merchandise Page: PrintablePressies.com

You or your Print-On-Demand supplier can ship your products around the corner or around the world it's all up to you.

You control your prices so you can decide what you would like people to pay for your particular products and services. And, Kajabi will never take a cut of your profits.

Every now and then you may want to offer a discount of some sort - you can create coupon codes that you can offer to an individual, a group of people, or to everyone, it's up to you.

Once your payment preferences are set, you get paid automatically, no need to chase any accounts or have any awkward conversations, it just all happens automatically.

If someone happens to get distracted when they're in the middle of purchasing something online and literally abandons the cart at checkout, you can set it up so that an email will automatically be sent out reminding them, no need to follow up manually or potentially lose a sale.

Pop-Up forms with opt-ins or offers can be created to appear (as if by magic) at whichever timing you prefer. eg, if you were to attempt to leave this Blog Page (on desktop or laptop), a Pop-Up will appear with a cool freebie for you.

Because it's online, your virtual business doors are open 24 seven, even while you are sleeping. 

If you’re having coffee with a friend, while you’re waiting for them you can be creating content in that coffee shop ready to upload right there and then if you have a signal or Wi-Fi, no worries at all :)

You can create a website that's really sleek, simple and seamless if you want, or you can make it something feature-filled & fancy.

Kajabi have lots of templates to help you do that. It's all cut and paste, really easy to move things around and re-organise.

It doesn't matter how creative or how simple you want to make your website because whether it's on your desktop, laptop, or your mobile, Kajabi ensure that your website can be easily optimised to look great on any of those devices - that’s really important!

Your clients aren’t having to zoom in with their fingers to see something that's a bit small on their mobile - Kajabi make sure that optimisation for mobile devices happens automatically so that it looks good.

Oh! did I mention the Kajabi app?
All of your customers and clients can access your content in the Kajabi app. Anytime they're out and about, they want to do a quick lesson, waiting at the doctors, in the hairdressers, or whatever, they can be checking out your content on the app :)

OMGosh! It just goes on and on - it's crazy, in the best way.

If you have a Calendar or scheduling tool, such as Calendly (my choice), you can integrate that into Kajabi - really easy to do, keeps everything in one place, and looks much more professional.

You can upload your e-books, PDFs, photos, videos… even audio files so they can listen to your content when out and about on the go. They can be driving along, listening to you sharing your wisdom and your knowledge online - you can even set it so they can download your content if they wish.

Podcasts on Kajabi can be a boon to your perceived authority within your niche. You have the option to offer free, paid or both. Folks can listen to your Show inside your website or on any of the major podcasting apps - so awesome. 

If you’re keen to offer a free trial so folks can try something for free, you can set it up that way so they can and there's no risk to them. 

Want to have some people share your message and the profits with you? You can do that - there is a partner program inside Kajabi plans and you can set it up so that people can share your message, and you offer them whatever percentage you decide to give them as a commission. It’s all recorded seamlessly as well - just brilliant!

As you may have guessed, I am a proud partner of Kajabi, as such, if you take advantage of the opportunity to sign-up via my affiliate link in this post, I may receive a commission - yet, it will be zero additional cost to you.

Plus, you will receive awesome bonuses from me, including Kajabi-Coaching Calls.

I’m also a Founder Member of Kajabi and I truly believe that #KajabiRocks :)

If you have a great idea of something you'd like to see added to the Kajabi platform, you can go to the ideas hub and say “Kajabi, I'd like you to consider adding this feature”

Ever since I've been a member they have added sooo many features and kept improving and evolving the platform the whole time. It just gets better and better and better, so you're most welcome to offer suggestions and they will listen.

If you happen to geek-out on analytics like I do, you will love Kajabi.
When you check out your analytics dashboard you can see how many people have clicked on your particular opt-in pages or how many customers you have, how much each person has spent, and sooo much more.
Great analytics - awesome!

I could go on and on and on. I hear you saying “Vicki, enough already” 

I sooo recommend that you go check out Kajabi.

Here’s a direct link to a 30-Day free trial of the Kajabi platform;

Try Kajabi for 30 Days for FREE

PLUS, I’m offering extra special bonuses for you if you join Kajabi via my link: Kajabi-Coaching Calls and more :)

I'm sure you will love Kajabi as much as I do, and you can enjoy your own #LaptopLifestyle and experience a #KajabiLife

Hugs, Health & #HappyBranding










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