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7 Ways to Be Your Own Hero

Mistakes. Poor choices. Bad luck. We’ve all done these things, or been impacted by them. Our “Game of Life” Story is still being played out, it is not over.
There is a Hero that will come and support you in winning Your Game and moving forward HEROically in Your Life : YOU!

Everyone has the capacity to be the hero in their life story.

See how you can be your hero:

  1. Embrace the idea that no one else is coming to save you. It would be nice, but you can’t count on it, know it, or control it.
    • If you want to be a hero to yourself, you have to take full responsibility for making that your reality. We can’t do it alone, yet we can accept credit for the great life we live as a result. When you blame others, you give up the power to change your life in a positive way.
    •  Many of us learned to play the helpless card in childhood. Our parents rushing in to save us from the mess we’d created. At some point, it’s necessary to manage your own messes. 
    •  True heroes are able to get things done, even if help is scarce. A hero doesn’t care if they have to do it all (just not ALL the time). Relishing the idea of taking on a big challenge by themselves equals a sweeter victory.
  1. Make a plan. A hero plans for success. Doing amazing things requires thought and planning. And heroes have big, bold plans. Throw caution and the ‘Limits of Yesterday” to the wind and make a heroic plan worthy of the future you envision for yourself. Remaining respectfully responsible of course :)
  2. Take action. Dreaming of a goal and Designing a plan are essential, but nothing happens until action is taken. You have to DO something. Take action as soon as possible. Take the biggest action you can.
    Dream it! Design it! Do it!
    • For example, if you need a job, why apply to three jobs per day when you have time to apply to 10? Forget about what the average person would do. Heroes aren’t average.
  1. T.R.Y : Take Responsibility Yourself! Say NO to Excuses. Excuses are for average people, not heroes. Ignore excuses and make things happen. Obstacles are there to overcome. Naysayers are ignored. The urge to quit is denied.
  2. Pause. Breathe. Think.
    People in dire straights often get busy, yet fail to make adjustments. They’re so focused and determined that they miss opportunities to refine their approach. Avoid being so single-minded in your purpose that you stop thinking and evaluating. Give yourself the gift of time… pause, take a deep breath and just think things through before proceeding.
  3. Raise Your Standards. Why do people get stuck and fail to make progress? In many cases, they simply don’t care (ENOUGH). When their standards are met, they feel satisfied, conveniently comfortable, and become lazy.
    • Consider how much is really enough? For example, if you think to yourself, “$100k/year is good enough. It’s a decent salary, and I can comfortably pay my bills,” you’re not likely to ever earn $250k/year.
    •  Lift Your Standards, Lift Your Results. Lift Your Life. Higher standards lead us to better results. Heroes must have, do have, high standards.
    •  Life settles into the level of your standards… your comfort zone. Take a look at your life and surroundings, and see it for yourself. Someone who’s satisfied with constantly greasy unkempt hair has a different appearance than someone with higher standards.
  1. Honour Your Values. Honour Your Preferences. Honour Yourself.
    A hero is able to go their own way. You have values and your own way of doing things. A hero respects those things about themselves, refusing to sacrifice them to appease, please, or satisfy others. A hero lives his/her values and reaches his goals without sacrificing those values.

Imagine that you knew someone in your situation. What advice would you give them to turn it around quickly? That’s a great place to start! Be bold and create a plan.

Imagine that you’re the hero in the movie of your life.
What would a hero do in that situation?

I’d love to know which of the 7 points most resonates with you.
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Hero Hugs, Health & Happiness,