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Supportive Spouses Program - an Introduction

Make Happy Your Default Setting In Relationships & In Life - Vicki Hadfield leads by example in her Secrets of Supportive Spouses Program.
Vicki's refreshing outlook on happiness in life & relationships has become widely known & respected. Her work on the subject features in the eBook "Successful Living & Successful Marriage" prefaced by Jack Canfield, best selling author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul"

Created in Vicki's unique style, the Program comprises a series of at least 10 PDF modules featuring her original inspirational image quotes plus some of the simple sustainable strategies she & her husband Richard have implemented over their many years of a very happy relationship.

Every module in The Program, including this Introductory module, features a video introduction by Vicki, who is sometimes joined by her #HeroHubby Richard.

As keen listeners of audiobooks & podcasts, Vicki & Richard have also provided downloadable mp3 audio versions of every module, so you & Your One can listen on-the-go.

Each content packed piece is written from the heart and has been made into a downloadable PDF so you can keep a copy on your computer, AND printable so you can keep a copy in your dedicated Supportive Spouses Program folder .

This Program was designed to complete one module each week for a minimum of 10 weeks...
You're no doubt keen to begin implementing these "Love-Lifters" straight away - you may like to move more quickly through them, or read through them all first, and decide which order you'd prefer to do them in - it's up to You & Your One ♡

***** INSTRUCTIONS; Download the complete PDF of each module by clicking the link at the bottom of the page... Print a copy... Together with Your One, read it through then complete the 'Love Lifter' action step... Use the 'Reflections & Results' pages as your worksheet... Save the entire series of modules in a folder that you & your One can easily access anytime...
Download the mp3 audios and add them to your mobile phone or iPod... listen to them in the car, out walking, on the treadmill, etc...

Enjoy creating Positive Sensory Memories with your One ♡