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Fitness For Females - Foundation Package

At last - a package of tools to help you;

Shape-up with a time efficient weights workout plan.....that really works!
Lose weight..... without going hungry, and with fast results that last!
Learn to Lift Your Love & Life..... "Make Happy Your Default Setting"

Here's what each package comprises...

Fitness For Females - Foundation Fitness Package;
"Flawless Form" DVD: a fun introduction to training with weights. 
A strong focus on technique presented in Vicki Hadfield's natural, quirky & uniquely entertaining style.
If you've been curious about venturing into the weights room at your gym and didn't know where to start - this DVD is for you!
Vicki teaches you how to perform each exercise & stretch... 
...with Flawless Form so you can "Feel Tighter"! 

Boot camp & group fitness instructors simply don't have time to focus on every participant at all times, as much as they may like to.

Knowing how to train correctly helps minimise the incidence of injuries.

You can import the DVD to your smart phone or tablet and take it to the gym 
- it's your 'go anywhere Personal Trainer' 
Plus, all bodypart workouts from the DVD are available under the "Feel Tighter" tab, so you can watch them anywhere you have internet coverage.

Save money too! 

One session with Vicki used to cost clients $130- just for a Fitness Assessment!

  • "Gym Gems" - Vicki's 20 years of experience in the fitness industry conveniently distilled into a content-packed downloadable eBook
  • "Gym Gems" mp3 audio - text to speech version - Listen anywhere :)
  • Bodypart Exercises Chart: downloadable & printable
  • 12 week plan: complete 4 rounds of the 21 day Workout Calendar: downloadable & printable
  • Foundation Fitness Workouts Guide eBook: downloadable & printable
  • BONUS:- Travel Training Module - perfect for 'Fast Fitness on the Fly ' workouts when you're short on time & space
  • Access to the Fitness For Females members area


"Guiltfree Gourmet Guidelines" to #EatLighter;
  - 3 Day Event Impact eating plan - for those who like it that way :)

  - Recipe Cards - downloadable & printable 
  - Social Situations Strategies & Dining Out

  - Tips to #EatLighter

  - 100 Calorie Collection

  - Access to the Fitness For Females members area

  - PLUS:- Free access to ALL additions to "Guiltfree Gourmet Guidelines"

"Make Happy Your Default Setting" Foundation Course;

All modules are downloadable & printable PDF's

PLUS:- Free access to ALL additions to 'Foundation Fitness Package'

PLUS:- Membership to the Fitness For Females' Family FaceBook Group

PLUS:- Free pass to upcoming Fitness For Females' webinars

ALL printable resources will be downloadable so you'll have them for life!


To recap, the Fitness For Females - Foundation Fitness Package also includes;

"Guiltfree Gourmet Guidelines"
"Make Happy Your Default Setting"

...with ALL elements included