Supportive Spouses - Introduction to The Program


This Introduction module to Supportive Spouses - The Program:
"5E's to Make Happy Your Default Setting in Marriage & in LIfe" comprises a... 

  • downloadable & printable PDF
  • video introduction by Vicki Hadfield
  • downloadable mp3 audio version
  • video "trailer" of Supportive Spouses - The Program    

You may complete one of the 5E's each week,
or feel free to move ahead at a pace that suits You & Your One - Your choice :)

Your Introductory module will become available immediately once your "checkout" process is complete.
You will receive your Login details via email asap.

Enjoy creating Positive Sensory Memories with your One ♡

Here's What People Are Saying;

"I'm so happy to discover this work. I love the concept!!!!"

Sherry - Writer & Publisher, San Francisco, CA

"Vicki's definitely one of THE most happiest of Ambassadors for Happiness people I will ever have the privilege to meet."

- Wendy, White Cliffs, NSW Australia

"a truly wonderful inspiring union"

- Patricia, Guyra, NSW Australia

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